Building Portland's Maker Movement

Do you want to build a Maker Movement in your city? Kelley Roy founder and owner of ADX and Portland Made, will moderate a panel of Portland makers and the myriad of non-profit and for profit organizations that work together to support the movement.

Makers: Lori Caldwell, Minnie & George; Joe Mueller, Wildwood Bespoke; Tory Campbell, Felton & Mary; Tom Burkleaux, New Deal Distillery

Supporters: John Connor, MadeHere PDX; Josh Lifton, Crowd Supply; Katrina Scotto di Carlo, Supportland; Jasmine Agnor, OMEP

Special Guest: Lee Wellington, Executive Director, Urban Manufacturing Alliance

We will have an engaging conversation about local capacity building, collaboration, and partnerships and the connections to other local "Made" organizations across the country through Portland Made's work with the Urban Manufacturing Alliance.

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Released in November of 2015, the definitive book about Portland's Maker Movement, Portland Made: The Makers of Portland's Manufacturing Renaissance, will be the foundation for the conversation (you get a free copy of the book at the event). Why did we write a book? Because Portland Makers, their businesses, their products and the Maker Movement itself inspires us and people around the globe are flocking to Portland to witness it first hand.

What is the Maker Movement, you ask? It is the legions of artisans and craftspeople and entrepreneurs and doers who are reinventing and reshaping artisanal manufacturing one handmade product at a time. It is the people who are starting businesses, developing products, honing their skills and offering support and sharing tools and knowledge with each other.

The Maker Movement is gaining momentum across the globe, and everyone is looking to Portland to uncover the who, what, why and how of this critical resurgence of artisanal manufacturing. Through the creation of beautiful and thoughtfully produced goods—from food and fashion to housewares and craft brewing—Portland is showcasing the city’s deeply embedded values and playing a lead role in shaping the fast growing manufacturing renaissance.

Together, we will explore the who, what, why and how of Portland's Maker Movement.
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