Central Eastside: Beyond Taking Sides

We’re all aware how rapidly Portland is growing and changing. Nowhere is this more visible than the Inner Eastside, where new business, housing, and mixed use developments are rapidly transforming the district from a quiet zone of manufacturing and industry to a thriving hub of commerce, ringed by increasingly dense residential growth. As this neighborhood grows, how can we intentionally shape it into a district that supports quality of life with outdoor space, public amenities and river access? In other words, how can we make it a neighborhood that feels like Portland, while maintaining its urban industrial character and opportunities for employment that local production provides?

Moderated by Ethan Seltzer, professor of Urban Studies and Planning Professor at PSU, this panel gathers together a sampling of Portland’s prolific design and planning talent to explore options and ideas for integrating the amenities that define the character of Portland within the context of this historic district rooted in industry. Alternative strategies like public/private partnerships for enhancing river access, providing recreational opportunities, and creating civic space and amenities that serve the neighborhood and broader city will be explored.

Join us at 6 for beer, wine, and snacks - panel starts at 630.

Ethan Seltzer, Ph.D., professor of Urban Studies and Planning Professor has been in Portland since 1980 and at PSU since 1992, Ethan enjoys watching Portland evolve in utilizing its strengths on behalf of its present and future residents. He also serves on the Central City 2035 Advisory Committee and as an advisor to the Portland Plan.

Carol Mayer-Reed is principal of landscape architecture and urban design at Mayer/Reed. Notable projects include the award-winning Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade, urban design for the east segment of the MAX Orange Line and current collaborations on the James Beard Public Market and the Willamette Falls Riverwalk.

Brad Malsin approaches development with a deep interest in historic preservation and a focus on community relationships. As the current president of the Central Eastside Industrial Council, one of Brad’s major platforms is in supporting the health and wellbeing of Central Eastside businesses while integrating the continued residential growth in the surrounding area.

Michael Tingley was named a principal at Bora Architects 16 years ago. His expertise was pivotal in leading Bora’s recent design/research project, Water Avenue Yards, which reimagines a three-block waterfront site in the Central Eastside as a blending of public and private amenities.

Willie Levenson is Ringleader of the non-profit organization, Human Access Project (HAP), whose mission is to transform Portland's relationship with the Willamette River — and help people "get into their river". To that end, HAP puts on The Big Float, an annual river float and celebration on the Willamette that draws thousands of participants.