Creative Freelancers: Seal the Deal with a Flawless Proposal and Contract

When it comes to building trust and understanding for lasting client relationships, a solid proposal and contract can make all the difference. As part of Scopic's event series for creative freelancers, this workshop will help you build these essential tools in your arsenal towards creative success.

Dina Rodriguez ( will help guide you through the process of crafting a proposal that will help you stand out from the competition.

Dane Johnson ( will guide you through the process of setting clear expectations in a straightforward proposal, and closing loopholes in your contract.

This event will be hosted at Citizen.
"Citizen is a design and technology company. We uncover opportunities and create experiences that add meaning in an increasingly connected world. We are strategists, designers, and technologists who work closely with our clients to analyze market and cultural trends and reimagine the way people interact with technology. We have a knack for aligning the unique paths of industry and technology with real human needs to help bring companies and their customers closer together."