Design Workshop for reimagining the Turbine Hall at OMSI

Design Workshop : Turbine Hall

Join OMSI in a creative workshop to reimagine one of the most iconic spaces at OMSI, the Turbine Hall. Learn some of the brainstorm techniques OMSI’s designers use in developing dynamic and impactful interactive exhibitions. As part of this process we will take a tour of the Turbine Hall and engage in breakout sessions led by OMSI designers and members of Dangermond Keane ( and The Felt Hat ( Along with the tour we will enjoy a catered lunch and divide into smaller groups for facilitated brainstorm sessions. At the culmination of these brainstorm sessions each group will have the opportunity to present back, allowing every great idea to be articulated and heard.

You do not have to be a professional designer or artist to participate, just bring your imagination and ideas! This will be a fast paced and fun workshop that we hope will provide insights and inspirations for every participant. Ultimately, our goal is to honor our beloved Turbine Hall with careful and creative considerations to ensure that it fosters innovative output for OMSI and the greater Portland community for another century and beyond!

Event Schedule:
10 – 10.30 – Doors open & Introduction
10.30 – 10.50 – Presentation: 5 yr plan, Turbine hall overview
10.50 – 11.30 - Tour of the Turbine Hall & OMSI’s unique workshop (in Historic Pepco building)
11.50 – 12.20 – Activity
12.20 – 12.50 - Lunch (Catered by Bon Appetit)
12.50 – 2.50 – Activity: Visual Brainstorming
2.50 – 3.00 – Wrap up