Futurelandia: Envisioning The Portland of Tomorrow

Strap on your jetpack--let's time travel to the Portland of tomorrow.

Since being incorporated in 1851, The Rose City has experienced a nearly constant state of change. Once again, it seems like everywhere you turn Portland is evolving before our eyes. Our city skyline transforming, historic neighborhoods gentrifying, and housing costs running sky-high as a steady influx of newcomers flock to capture a slice of the city’s unique potential. Yet amidst all these changes, we’re left to ponder what will our Portland of tomorrow look like?

The Futurelandia exhibit will display posters created by 20 of Portland's most imaginative artists, graphic designers, and illustrators to visually express their vision for the future of the city. Featured artists will have the opportunity to share the inspiration of their work, while civic voices lead open discussions about our city’s future. We think art can spark a bigger conversation about the (distant) future of our beloved city. How about you?

Featured Artists ::
Josh Anderson
Bologna Sandwich
Michael Buchino
Terra DeHart
Alex DeSpain
Kevin Fitzgerald
Jeff Francour
Harrison Freeman
Mitch Frey
Lorena Guerra M3AT
Matty Newton
Darren Pasemko
Rory Phillips
Amy Ruppell
Matt Sundstrom
John Vance

Speakers Panel ::
Randy Gragg (U of O John Yeon Center)
Margaret Jacobson (Brushfire Creative Partners)
Bryce Bennett (Uber Portland)
Tawna Sanchez (NAYA)
Jeff Anderson (Portland Parks Foundation)
Moderated by Jefferson Smith (XRAY.fm)

Many thanks for our generous sponsors ::
Uber PDX, Widmer Brothers Brewing, 52 Limited, Woven Magazine, Reverend Nat's Cider, Sizzle Pie, SuperGreat.tv, and the Portland Art Museum

  • Thursday, April 21

    6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Event Organizer

Hosted by Caravan Pacific / Josh L. Anderson / GoodGallagher

Futurelandia envisions the Portland of tomorrow. 20 local artists illustrate the future metamorphosis of PDX and spark civic conversations.