Product Design + a Design Battle with Wacom

Wacom is proud to be part of Portland and proud to be part of many creatives workflows. Today we’re talking shoe design with D’Wayne Edwards from PENSOLE. He’ll explain how tools help break down all boundaries and allow ideas to flow. After this talk we will host a small design challenge with local designers from top brands.

The below will be in a draw off, competing for a Cintiq Companion 2.

1. Brian Moughty / Nike / PENSOLE Alumni 2010
2. Erick Ikeda / Nike / PENSOLE Alumni 2011
3. Daniel Raes / KEEN / PENSOLE Alumni 2012
4. Erin Cochrane / Nike / PENSOLE Alumni 2011
5. Nick Diaber / Adidas / PENSOLE Alumni 2011
6. Edmund Holmes / JORDAN / PENSOLE Alumni 2010

7. Alternate: Thomas Belhancene / Nike / PENSOLE Alumni 2014

We're looking forward to seeing these creatives in action.