Unabashedly Colorful Interiors

While used to great effect in many areas of design, bold color is less common in current American interior design. As the definition of modernism here has leaned toward a minimalist, neutral palette, we have seen interiors of all styles lose some of their color and, dare we say, vibrancy. But, if it ever really went away, color is back. For those who want to use extreme color either as a focal point or as an accent in an interior but are intimidated or unsure where to start, we offer great encouragement and, we hope, inspiration. We show the depth and interest color can add, as either a hint or a bold statement. Vicki Simon is an interior designer and rug designer with 30 years of experience hailing from San Francisco who isn't afraid of color and uses it unabashedly in her work. Katen Bush has escaped academia to research, collect, and sell Berber Moroccan rugs with her husband at their Portland store, Kat + Maouche. Their curated selection shows the astounding variety in this utilitarian art. From the neutral Beni Ourain rugs that have been popular in the design world for decades to the unusual, even wild, color combinations in other tribes, they are both modern and traditional and are a great source of color inspiration.

Moroccan tea and treats will be offered.