When plain is pretty (but not simple): What does accessible look like?

Join Pretty Plain founder, Katney Bair, at the ReBuilding Center on N. Mississippi for a tour of the center, followed by a talk and workshop about "plain" communication, inspired by President Obama's Plain Writing Act of 2010.

The Act requires federal communication be accessible and easy to understand, empowering people to make informed decisions that benefit them, their families and communities.

The talk will discuss the ethics and demonstrate the techniques behind accessible communication and consider whether "plain" can also be applied to design. When should designers consider accessibility -- beyond the obvious public service applications?

The talk will also include recent research on how people with poor literacy skills use and navigate the Internet and how design can support their ability to find and retain information.

The evening will end with a workshop where participants can try their hand at crafting plain messages, working in small groups on a sample project.

About the ReBuilding Center:
The ReBuilding Center offers affordable used building and remodeling materials with the goal of promoting the use of salvaged and reclaimed materials. The Center accepts donations of reusable building materials that are then priced at 40-90 percent off retail market values, making them affordable to people of all income levels. Founded on a self-sustainable model, after paying its operating costs, the ReBuilding Center returns 100 percent back to the community. www.rebuildingcenter.org