Ziba Talks: Designing for the Next Generation (Gen Z)

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Gen Z is young. Like really young. They have yet to define their adult selves. Their generation doesn't even have an agreed-upon name! And yet they’re destined to have a greater impact on our economy (and perhaps our society) than any other previous generation. Unlike their Millennial predecessors, they watched the world crumble during their formative years, leaving them eager to change and rebuild it. They’re resilient, resourceful and anxious. And they have the shortest attention span of all living humans. As they age and become the primary source of consumer spending, it will be critical for brands to find ways to connect with them meaningfully.
During this #zibatalks event, Ziba Creative Director Jaclyn Suzuki and Wildfang CEO Emma McIlroy will explore how to design for a still-evolving generation, and what it will take for brands to be relevant to Gen Z.

After Suzuki and McIlroy speak, Gen Z teens will join them onstage for an audience Q&A. Between these two groups—those analyzing and those being analyzed—a clear picture of Gen Z and how brands can resonate with them will emerge.

Speakers and Gen Z Panelists will explore questions like:
—What are the biggest shifts Gen Z will bring to our society, and what do they mean for the companies wanting to resonate with them?
—How can brands capture the hearts, minds and short attention-spans of this emerging generation?
—What does Gen Z expect from brands, and how can brands exceed their expectations?
—How can companies begin preparing now for the shifts Gen Z will bring?

Guest speakers include:
—Emma McIlroy, CEO, Wildfang
—Jaclyn Suzuki, Creative Director, Ziba

Once the event wraps, Ziba will host a casual happy hour in our kitchen and patio.

All proceeds will be donated to the League of Women Designers.

  • Tuesday, April 19

    6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
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