9iFX - VFX/Animation Studio

9iFX is a visual effects and post production studio located in Portland's SE waterfront, specializing in high-end VFX and motion graphics for top-tier brands, digital video campaigns, event visuals, film, TV and internal corporate videos. Our services include everything from creative and design to production and post-production or any combination therein.

9iFX works directly with both brands and creative agencies. We’ve collaborated with a number of creative teams around the Portland area and beyond, working on a variety of projects for big name brands like Puma, ESPN, Mountain Dew, The Syfy Channel, Adidas, and Nike to name a few. Whether you need high-end motion graphics, 3D animation, digital environment creation, or "fix-it-in-post" repairs, we can help.

We're bringing in a DJ, some local brew, and an impressive cheese platter (because, cheese). Plus we'll feature a showcase of our collective works projected onto our 14′ green screen wall. Come eat, drink, and dance with us!