Ever wonder what a creepy mannequin, Ducati’s, pink elephants and paper art installations have in common with landscape architecture? If so, our open house is the PLACE for you. Come and explore our creative design studio as we share our commitment to inspiring landscape architecture, planning, art and urban design.

Founded six years ago, the warehouse turned design studio at the corner of 18th and Johnson represents our philosophy of open design collaboration in the pursuit of creative place making. The passerby might notice crumpled up trace, clay models, computers and a giant green shop door. Peak a little closer and you’ll discover PLACE, a team of design professionals doing what we love. Better yet, come and join us for our design week open house where we will share food, drink, music, and merriment. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and engage in our creative process and experience a little taste of what drives us towards design excellence.